March 7, 2018

This month Pete Lynas, Group Finance Director, reviews our 2017 Financial Results and answers your questions about how procurement can enhance our competitiveness and innovation. Plus, we hear from colleagues working to ensure our products remain resilient to evolving cyber threats. 16 mins



February 19, 2018

In this special episode from Melbourne, Charles Woodburn joins Gabby Costigan, CEO of BAE Systems Australia, to talk about exciting opportunities for the Australia business. Plus, we hear from two Australian teams nominated for a coveted Chairman’s Gold Award. 17 mins



January 29, 2018

Charles Woodburn is joined by Claire Divver to discuss priorities and objectives for the year ahead, and we investigate how a university collaboration could change the future of aircraft control. Plus, Charles answers questions about the Typhoon and Dreadnought programmes. 16 mins



December 13, 2017

Charles Woodburn is joined by Nigel Whitehead to discuss the new Chief Technology Officer role and answer your questions, while presenter Tim Smith tests a pair of concept augmented reality glasses. 20 mins